Have you ever found yourself at a crossroads in life wondering how all the pieces of what you thought your life would be fit with the pieces of what it actually is?

Life is a beautiful, messy mixture of the sublime and the tragic. We all have pieces that make no sense. Pieces that don't fit. Pieces that we love and "bad penny" pieces that we just can't seem to disentangle from.

Collage makes sense of all of those pieces. It redeems the unlovely and the odd into an assemblage with a greater purpose. It uses both the beautiful and the ordinary to communicate something larger. 

I love knowing that the painted paper I've made that I view as ugly is the perfect piece for a specific spot in a piece of art to come. I love turning ordinary paper into lovely things. I love the reminder that it takes all kinds of pieces. All colors. All shapes. All mixtures of pattern and design to create beauty and meaning. 

Such is life.




I'm a collector of skills and ideas. A wanderer, traveler, and outdoors-lover. I'm a single mom making a life in the beautiful hills outside of Nashville, Tennessee. There are too many dog breeds to fall in love with in one lifetime, too many lakes and seasides I will never see (but, it never hurts to try) and too many stories I'll never hear.

I'm a maker. An artist. And an explorer. My art tells the story of the journey I'm on as I try to make sense of all the pieces of my life. Through the synthesis of my art, writing and speaking I process ideas and communicate what I discover.

For a deeper look into my head and heart, check out these two podcast episodes: the "about me" version for podcasters and my thoughts on turning 50.

One of the wonderful things about the times we live in is how easy it is to meet new, interesting people. I'd love to hear your story! Get in touch on social media (links below), email me or sign up here to hear about my life lessons and art escapades once a month. I'll send you a free iPhone lock screen for that privilege.